Lease Support

  • Review the base building Design Development and Construction Documents for impact on the Tenant Improvement (TI) work.
  • Ensure conformance of lease language and exhibits with the Tenant understanding the scheduling and phasing of the base building work.
  • Familiar with the building systems, existing and proposed, and how the Tenant will tie into utilities, grease interceptors, HVAC units, etc.
  • Provide an abstract for construction of each executed lease relative to Tenant and Landlord deliverables and time frame. 
  • Update the Project’s Tenant development database and provide a schedule to track the status of each tenant.
  • Establish working relationship with the Tenant’s design team, the  Municipalities and Building Departments, Health Departments, and Fire Departments.
  • Assist in the preparation of cost estimates in support of potential Landlord required work (TI), Tenant allowance, and/or build-to-suit work. 

Budget Preparation

  • Upon the request of Leasing or Operations, prepare budgets for each prospective project by using historical costs and current regional pricing.
  • In more challenging projects, pursue budget pricing from General Contractors.
  • Prepare and submit the budget to Leasing or Operations personnel.
  • Track the budget as the project progresses while communicating as needed to the Team as impacts occur.

Tenant Notification

  • Send out the new Tenant “Welcome Letter” with an introduction of who the Owner is and role in the development of the project.
  • Initiate and maintain a tracking Report to track progress of Tenant’s submittals, reviews, construction start dates, rent commencement dates, estimated opening dates, and update on each project.
  • Send to Tenant space delivery/turnover notices if Landlord work is involved. If “as-is” work with Leasing Administration to send out “turnover letter”.

Plan Review

  • Follow up with the Tenant to ensure timely submission of plans, sign packages, cut sheets, and materials samples are provided.
  • Receive and reply to inquiries from Tenant and their architects concerning design and construction related items such as available utilities, building/roofing/HVAC related questions, etc.
  • Receive, review, critique/comment on Tenant design proposals inclusive of Tenants sketches or ideas to preliminary review and construction document for design quality and conformity with all aspects of the Design Criteria.
  • Participate in leasing and development meetings and provide updates on Tenant submittals, anticipated construction dates, and length of build out. Advise Owner of any problems with Tenants.

On-Site Coordination

  • Establish “check in” procedures for Tenant contractors and hold a pre-construction meeting prior to allowing the commencement of any Tenant work. This includes receiving all required paperwork; such as, insurance certificates, permit, etc.
  • Ensure that all work is carried out in a safe and professional manner.
  • Monitor on-site Tenant construction to ensure conformity with the approved plans, Tenant Design Criteria, and the Contactor Rules & Regulations are being followed.
  • Participate in Owner meetings if/as applicable and provide updates on Tenant submittals, anticipated construction start dates, and length of build out. Advise Owner of any problems with Tenants.
  • Physically visit the project during the construction to ensure the projects are continuing to advance as scheduled.
  • Carry out punch list walks immediately prior to Landlord work being complete and/or store opening. Send a copy of the punch list to the Owner and Tenant contractor.


  • Follow up with the Landlord’s and Tenant’s contractors for the close-out documents requested per the lease and contract. Maintain a database to track and report the multiple items required to close-out a project.
  • Receive as built drawings and provide them to the owner.
  • Review project close-out documentation and upon satisfactory submission of such, recommend release of appropriate Tenant Allowances; if applicable.
  • Provide any/all services required by the Owner to close-out the project.